Get Your Uncotested Divorce Papers in Minutes

How does work? provides you with the tools and the resources which will break the process down to make it easy for you to get a divorce. Our 3 step process is easy to use and easy to understand.

How much does cost?

At the time you create an account for your state's divorce service, a one time fee will be charged to your credit card. You will have access to your account for 30 days. There are no additional costs for using to help you prepare your divorce documents. We do offer additional services to help you with your divorce. You may visit our pricing section for more information on the cost and our guarantee.

Does it matter where we were married?

No, it does not matter where you were married. A divorce should be filed where you or your spouse reside. You do not file in the state or country where you married, but rather where you live. Check your state page for specific residency requirements.

Can I use in my state?

Generally, if either spouse has lived in the state where you intend to file, you can use Check your state page for specific residency requirements. The forms and instructions are state specific and will be provided in accordance with state law. cannot resolve contested cases. If you cannot come to an agreement and need to have a trial, you should contact an attorney.

Can I use if we have children?

Yes. provides the documents necessary to address all child related issues.

Can I use if we have property and/or debt?

Yes. provides the documents necessary to divide property and debt.

What if we have children and my spouse and I live in different states?

You can use if you have children and you and your spouse live in different states. Typically, you will file in the state where the child(ren) reside. You should review each spouse's state requirements to learn what is required and help you decide the state where you will file.